Where does the time go? Dear friend, Do you find that you’ve always got too much to do and not enough time to do it? Do you feel like you are always under pressure to get things done? Do you wish you had more time to spend with your family? Do you wish you could spend more time on the things that you ‘love’ to do rather than the things you ‘have’ to do? If you answered yes to any of those questions, you are not alone. We have all been there. We all have just 24 hours in each day. You can’t get any more time. How you spend those 24 hours has a big impact on the quality of life you will have. So it’s important that you spend that time wisely. Have you ever wondered why some people are able to get everything done quickly and easily? They seem to always have plenty of time to spend with their families or the things they love. How do they do it? What would you do with an extra day in your week -- extra weeks in your year? There are slow and difficult ways to get things done and there are fast and easy ways to get the same things done. Use the fast and easy ways and you naturally save time. That’s found time that can be spent doing the things you LOVE. It’s a matter of using the best time saving tips and systems to ensure you gain control of your precious time. If you save 10 minutes here, 20 minutes there and 30 minutes someplace else, you’ve found an entire extra hour to spend however you wish. Those extra minutes and hours add up quickly when you know the right time-saving tips and tools. Before you know it those extra hours will easily add up to days and even weeks of extra time in your life. Just think what that would do for the quality of your life. What qualifies me to save you time? As a manager for the firm Nielsen Media Research in New York for 10 years, I had to be in control of my time as well as my staffs’ time. We had stiff deadlines to meet -- every day. And we never missed a deadline. After I left the corporate world in 1995, I started a business as a hands-on organizing professional. It was my job to help clients organize their homes, their businesses and their lives. A large part of that process was helping my clients gain control of their time. I use these same time-saving tips to manage my time Today, in addition to running our home business with my husband, I also care for my school-age daughter who is involved in many extracurricular activities. As any mother can tell you there is a long list of responsibilities associated with raising a child. I also serve as president of our home and school association which calls for helping to plan and implement dozens of fund raisers each year. I also help out at our church and participate in a number of local organizations. In addition, as a professional author I have created 8 organizing books and products over the past few years. Even with the above responsibilities I still have plenty of time to spend with my husband and daughter and our friends. We have time for annual vacations as well as weekend trips, etc. We play games, watch our favorite TV programs together and take relaxing walks. Now, I’m not saying that I’m the busiest person in the world, because I am not. There are tens of thousands of other men and woman who have much busier schedules than I do. Just thinking about Martha Stewart or Oprah makes my head spin. The point I’m making is that the only way anyone can effectively accomplish everything on a busy schedule and still have plenty of time for family, friends and the things you love, is by gaining control over your daily time. And the only way you can do that without ending up frazzled and exhausted, is by applying lots of easy, time-saving tips and tricks. My best time-saving tips can now be yours As an organizing expert I have spent the past 20+ years researching the very best time savers and productivity methods available. It is with these types of tips and tools that I am able to accomplish what I must every week and still find the time for the things I love. And now those same tips and tools are available to you in my time- saving book “501 Tips & Ideas for Finding More Time.”
Now you can have more time with your family, with your friends, with your hobbies, for play, for achievement, for simply enjoying your life!  501 Tips and Ideas For Finding MORE TIME For the Things You Love by Maria Gracia

What Customers Are Saying About Maria’s 501 Tips and Ideas For Finding MORE TIME “Maria, thank you for this treasure. For years, I've been struggling with a jam- packed schedule, no time for myself or my family and a no-end-in-sight outlook on my To Do list. “Since reading your book I can not believe how much more time I have every day for the things I really want to do. I love it!” -- Nicky Carter Evadale, Texas “After reading '501 Tips and Ideas for Finding More Time for the Things You Love' I've discovered so many areas in my life where I've been wasting my time. As I read this book, I found myself nodding in agreement. Page after page contained easy things I could start doing to save myself precious time each day. I've already applied dozens of the tips-- and I only finished reading the book at few days ago.” -- Rhonda Evans Macksburg, Ohio “Maria's book has helped me make my 'hectic, non- stop' schedule a thing of the past. I'm actually doing things I enjoy and spending quality time with my family! If you want to be in control of your time, I highly recommend this book.” -- Gerard Michaels, San Diego, California “Once again, Maria has written a true gem. '501 Tips and Ideas for Finding More Time' is the perfect addition to the other Get Organized Now! reads. I've found it so easy to apply these time tips to my life. If you need more time don’t wait, get this book.” -- Lilly Sanchez Manitoba, Canada “One of the things I just love about this book is that I can open it to any page at any time and be inspired! How much time have I saved? Ask my husband--who is absolutely floored by how much more productive I am, while being more relaxed than ever! In fact, he is so impressed, that he's now reading this book too!” --Eleanor Preston New Jersey “I've always considered myself fairly organized, but I know there's always room for improvement. “Your book has shown me so many new time management ideas I've never even considered. It's a wealth of information and I can't imagine anyone who can't benefit and save time in their day after reading it.” --Amelia Sellnow Ontario, Canada “The term 'time management' has always been scary for me. It sounds so difficult, especially for a right- brained person like myself. “Maria's book,'501 Tips and Ideas for Finding More Time' has been a God- send for me. It has simplified the concepts of time for me in a way I never thought possible. “Thanks, Maria, for a super-easy, time saving  book” -- Jane Wood Chatsworth, IA “Each day, I just apply one new idea, and lo and behold, that idea saves me time. These ideas are so do-able and I'm no longer trapped with a crazy schedule or an overwhelming to do list. Thanks for helping creative people like me find a way to start and get things done.” --Catherine Potts South Africa “I bought your book, '501 Tips and Ideas for Finding More Time for the Things You Love' for my husband. He's such a good man, but I'm very concerned that his stress-level, caused by his over-packed schedule--is affecting his health. “He's already reading it and applying many of the ideas. In fact, last night at the dinner table he thanked me for this gift and told me it is making an enormous impact on his life. I so appreciate the expertise in this book and the fact that my husband has slowed down a bit and is even actually planning our next family vacation-- something we haven't done in years!” --Ava Phillips Hawaii
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The greatest movie invention since ‘sound and color’ also saves you time (No. 167) Here’s a quick and easy speed tip you’ll use every time you sit down at your computer (No. 177) Use this simple trick and you’ll save yourself and others tons of time (No. 179) Here’s a powerful email speed tip that will save you time on every email you send (No. 180) Get it done without doing it. Here’s the secret (No. 181) Cut hours off of shopping with this easy tip (No. 186) Laundry tips that cut the work (No. 205) The greatest time-saving tip ever (No. 209) The one time-saving tool no home should be without (No. 215) The truth about multi-tasking (No. 221, 222) Your favorite tunes can save you time with this fun tip (No. 251) Cell phone tips that save you time (No. 256) How to eliminate one of the biggest time wasters; ‘reinventing the wheel’ (No. 273) Getting through airport security checkpoints fast and easy (No. 285) Easy tips that cut down on kitchen time (No. 313, 317, 318 and more) Get important things done with the “Big Rocks” concept (No. 343) How to save ‘big’ time; this tip will do it (No. 353) This little magic tool makes cleaning a breeze (No. 380) Time saving tips at the grocery store (No. 408, 409) Get your kids to stop what they’re doing and leave on time with the 10-5-1 system (No. 436) Want to teach your child to ride a bike in record time? This amazing tool will do it (No. 456) The best tip of all to give you time for the things you love (No. 488) You’ll get a total of 501 super time-saving tips
This tip will stop other people from stealing your time (No. 5) How to get more done by doing less (No. 10) This little tip will give you hours of extra time (No. 15) Make reading time more efficient (No. 23) The secret to making the toughest chores a breeze (No. 32) A power tip for keeping your papers organized (No. 45) Clutter is a time killer too, but not any more with these simple tips (No. 50-53) This one time-saver could save you up to an hour a day (No. 58) Discover the biggest time saving system ever (No. 68) A quick and easy grooming tip that can save you hours (No. 69) Meal planning tips that save you time (No. 71, 72, 91, 93) The free tool that performs like your personal secretary (No. 86) You can significantly reduce your ironing time with this great tip (No. 94) Watch your favorite TV shows in 25% less time (No. 100) The best gardeners use this gardening time-saver (No. 125) Since discovering this fantastic holiday gift buying tool our family and friends have saved a ton of time and frustration (No. 130) Here’s a simple calendar tip that will save you a lot of time (No. 136) The incredible free tool that helps you remember everything (No. 137) Travel tips that save a ton of time (No. 140, 141, 242, 269 and more) Powerful time-saving reading tips (No. 142) End this shopping frustration and time waster (No. 143) Save time and help your child learn more with this tip (No. 153) Stop doing this one thing and you will save an extra 20-30 minutes a day (No. 158)
Here’s just a small sampling of all the time-saving tips you’ll discover
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MORE MORE For the Things You LOVE Tips & Ideas For Finding 501 MARIA GRACIA  Hobbies  Music  Movies  Family    Learning  Travel  Relaxing  Sports    Art  Friends  Pets  Write a Book   What Will You Do With The Time You Find? T M E I T M E I time saving solutions, if you feel they donít give you more time with your family and for the things you love, then simply contact us at the email address listed below within 60-days and simply ask for a refund. We will issue you a prompt refund and you can keep our  bonuses if you wish. We canít be any more fair than that. You have nothing to lose. Get the book, use the tips and see for yourself. If you donít absolutely love our  100% Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee
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