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The Get Organized Now!™
Christmas Holiday Planner

by Maria Gracia

Holiday Planner

With my Christmas Holiday Planner your holiday season is guaranteed to be the best planned, most relaxed, enjoyable ever!

Packed with over 50 Worksheets of easy to use tools that cover holiday planning, shopping, gift selection, decorating, invitations, meal planning, and much more!

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Dear Friend,

Christmas doesn't have to be stressful.

Christmas is supposed to be the season of joy, warmth, reflection, and good will. Why then, is it such a stressful time for so many people?

There's no doubt about it. Once Thanksgiving ends, the season of hustle and bustle is upon you.

There are holiday cards to be sent. Gifts to be purchased or made. Holiday dinners to plan. Church, community, and family get-togethers to attend. Holiday treats to bake. Stockings to stuff. Tree trimming, gift wrapping, and getting your house ready for company. The list is endless.

It's no wonder there's so much stress and exhaustion this time of year.

But the good news is, it doesn't have to be that way.

A little bit of planning can work wonders.

Another reason for all of the stress is that we have a tendency to wait until the very last minute to start planning for the holidays.

We wait until Thanksgiving is over, which leaves only a few weeks to get ready for Christmas. Since these are the weeks many activities are happening, it's probably one of the worst times to begin getting ready for the holidays.

Anything that can be done earlier than Thanksgiving, can make the holidays more peaceful and fun when they finally arrive.

But whether you wait for Thanksgiving or you choose to get ready earlier, planning without a solid plan and good notes can be the biggest source of all the chaos.

With everything else going on in your life, why would you ever try to keep something like holiday planning all in your head?

At last, an organized holiday season!

Over the years, I watched people plan for their holidays. Many just tried to remember everything without writing anything down. Most of these people failed miserably at this, and were terribly disappointed when Christmas week finally arrived and so many things weren't done. Last-minute rushing took away from the atmosphere that was supposed to be calm and peaceful.

Others did write things down, using a variety of notebooks, name and address books, papers stored in volumes of file folders, ideas jotted down on scraps of paper, sticky notes, or many different apps on their cell phones or computers. There was little hope of keeping all of that organized, and again, there was a feeling of frustration and chaos when the holiday season arrived.

I thought about this problem for a long time. There had to be a better way. Christmas was supposed to be a joyful, cheerful time.

And then suddenly, it hit me. I had to do something to get all of the information into one place. It needed to be a cinch to use. It had to have the ability to store information that almost everyone who celebrates Christmas needs to have handy. And it had to be cost-effective.

It took some time, but after researching, tweaking, testing, and evaluating, I was finally able to develop a system that I'm thrilled to say is easy-to-use, comprehensive, organized, and low-priced!

And I called it, the Get Organized Now!™ Christmas Holiday Planner.

I wanted to let you know that I just love your Holiday Planner!

I bought it last year, and I knew exactly what presents I had bought, I had down ideas for future presents, I organized my supplies...Christmas planning was a dream come true!

Christmas was not stressful at all...a big improvement from year's past--with your Christmas Holiday Planner, I was organized!

Thank you so much for sharing your ideas with others.

--Daneen G., New York, NY
You can use this planner . . . forever!

The Get Organized Now!™ Holiday Planner is the most complete holiday planning and organizing system available on the market.

It contains over 50 holiday worksheets to help you get organized for Christmas. You can either print them out (print whichever ones you want and as many as you need) and write in your ideas by hand...or use the Excel version to input your information directly into the file!

Say goodbye to stress, chaos, and frustration. When you use the Get Organized Now!™ Holiday Planner, you'll be taking a huge weight off your mind. Everything will be in one place when you need it. You won't forget to do the things you want to do for the holidays. PLUS, you'll be able to refer to your Get Organized Now!™ Holiday Planner for years to come!

I'm so excited that I purchased your Christmas Holiday Planner. I absolutely love it. I've already started using it...and I'm way more organized than I've ever been in my life. I have way more time available to relax and enjoy this beautiful season!

Karen P.
Mullica Hill, NJ
You'll benefit from my organizing experience!

What qualifies me to help you get organized? To start, I worked for 10 years with Dun and Bradstreetís Nielsen Media Research in New York City as an organizing and management specialist. Throughout my tenure, I managed the data analysis department, worked with hundreds of television stations and advertising agencies, and developed effective, productive systems for my clients and staff.

In 1996, I moved to Wisconsin, and founded Get Organized Now!™ I have literally helped thousands of individuals and businesses get organized since then. In fact, my Get Organized Now!™ Web site is visited by nearly a million people per year, and I have over 180,000 subscribers on my newsletter list...not to mention my huge social media following.

Just to name a few, I have appeared at, wrote for, or have been interviewed by hundreds of international, national and local media and organizations such as:

  • Fox 6 News WITI-TV Milwaukee
  • KNEV Radio: The New Mix 95.5 Morning Show
  • 11 Alive News WXIA-TV Atlanta
  • Fox 6 News WOWT-TV: Discover Omaha
  • WJR Radio 760 AM: The Internet Advisor
  • FM 89.3 KPCC Nat'l Public Radio, Talk of the City
  • WQIK-FM 99.1 Radio, Jacksonville, FL, Morning Show
  • WKZK Radio, Augusta, Marilyn Joyce Motivational Talk Show
  • Woman's Day Magazine
  • Country Living Magazine
  • First for Women Magazine
  • Woman's World
  • Kitchen and Bath Ideas Magazine
  • Milwaukee Business Journal
  • Barnes and Noble, Milwaukee, WI
  • Staples Office Supplies Stores Business Expert
  • Delta Connections Magazine
  • Lifestyles Magazine of Orlando
  • Venice Gulf Coast Living
  • The News-Sun and The Evening Star
  • Opportunity World Magazine
  • Access Magazine
The Holiday Planner was a Godsend for us last season. My husband and I both got to the point we did not want to travel home for the holidays. We were so bored. Thanks to the Holiday Planner, we now know how to create new traditions that meet our needs.

By following the forms in The Holiday Planner and discovering what was missing in our holidays, we pinpointed suggestions that were closest to the cheer and warmth he and I enjoy including food, games, even the clothes we would wear. Everything stressed the season's meaning and specifically fit each activity we planned.

We discussed plans to do what made us happy and what we thought others might enjoy and then invited others to join us, rather than do what left us empty (e.g. sit around indoors without the benefit of fresh air and exercise.)

At the end of the season we left our family feeling more refreshed and loved than any holiday season we experienced in the five years we had been traveling home from out of state. Thanks to Maria for this wonderful product!

Cheryl J.
Georgetown, TX
Inside the Get Organized Now!™ Holiday Planner
you'll find forms, checklists, logs and information sheets for...

Master List

Daily To Do List

Goals and Priorities

Monthly Planner

Weekly Planner

Daily Planner

Chores/Errands List

Useful Holiday Resources

Meal Planner

Weekly Meals


Holiday Grocery List

Recipe Instructions

Who's Bringing What?

Gift Ideas

Gifts to Make

Personal Holiday Gift Guide

Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Kid's Wish List

Holiday Gift Hiding Places

Dear Santa Template

Overall Holiday Budget

Item-by-Item Gift List and Budget

General Shopping List

Black Friday Shopping Plan

Small Business Saturday Shopping Plan

Cyber Monday Shopping Plan

Catalog/Internet Order Tracker


Gifts Given and Gifts Received

Holiday Card Record

Holiday Newsletter Outline

Decorations Inventory

Special Holiday Ornaments Inventory

Holiday Decorations Ideas and Planning

Holiday Gift Tags

Holiday TV Schedule

Crafts Instructions


Music Inventory

Movies Inventory

Party Planner

Party Guest List

Wardrobe Check



Prayers, Toasts and Blessings

New Year's Resolutions


Your Ideas and Suggestions

Thanks so much for your wonderful Get Organized Now!™ Holiday Planner. I would have had to cancel Christmas without it!

Tracey W.
Brecksville, OH
You'll be totally organized each Christmas when you use your Get Organized Now!™ Holiday Planner!

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Last year, I bought your Get Organized Now!™ Holiday Planner, and I'm so glad I did!

I'm one of those typical people who wait to plan until the last minute. I bought your Holiday Planner in early December, and even though I waited so long, it still was a tremendous help. My family could not believe how organized I was, and it's all because of your product.

In fact, I was so inspired by all the compliments, that this year--it's only July--I'm already getting organized for the upcoming holidays.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart. You've put the joy back into holiday planning!

Amy P.
Milwaukee, WI
Our No-Strings, 60 Day, Money-Back Guarantee

We're so sure you'll love the Get Organized Now!™ Christmas Holiday Planner that it comes with a 60-Day Money Back guarantee.

If you don't feel the Get Organized Now!™ Christmas Holiday Planner has delivered everything we promised, then we don't want to keep your money. Simply return it with a note asking for a refund.

I always did the holiday planning. So when I came down with a terrible case of the flu last year right before the holidays, I didn't know what I was going to do.

I immediately checked your Web site and was so happy to find out you had a Holiday Planner. I bought it and gave it to my husband. I figured perhaps he could be in charge of the holidays this year.

When it arrived, I was so pleased because there were tons of forms and worksheets to help him stay on track and organized.

He initially felt stressed that he had to do the holiday planning, but as it turned out, he told me it was so easy to use. Even the kids chipped in and did lots of the planning with him.

By the time I was feeling better--right about on Christmas Eve--to my sheer delight, I learned that the holiday cards were sent, all our kids had gifts under the tree, the house was decorated, and it turned out to be our most memorable Christmas ever.

Hooray for my husband. And a huge THANK YOU for the Get Organized Now!™ Holiday Planner!

Annette C.
North Bergen, NJ

With our PDF Digital Format you can download the Christmas Holiday Planner to your computer immediately. You read it on your computer or print it out on your printer, and refer to it year after year! There are no S&H charges on our digital products!

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You can access BOTH versions for ONE PRICE. It's the ONLY Christmas Holiday Planner you'll ever need.

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