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Well, my good friend, Maria Gracia, owner of Get Organized Now! is an organizing expert and  a fitness expert. GON GLOW is her latest creation and if you’re looking to lose a little or a lot of weight and wake up your wow! then GON GLOW may be the perfect solution for you. I’ll let Maria tell you about it. “In addition to working in my organizing business, I also teach six fitness classes each week at both my local YMCA and the Senior/Community Center. I am a Certified Zumba and Zumba Strong Instructor and will soon be a Certified Pound Instructor. Fitness is pretty much my second life. “I love to feel good…look good…do whatever I can to better myself…AND exude confidence in my life. That’s why I created GON GLOW. “The nice thing about GON GLOW is it’s not going to tell you something once and leave you high and dry. Instead, your’re going to get advice, motivation and support to help you on your journey to a new you. Here’s what I’ve included: -- Getting Started with GON GLOW -- My Exclusive Food and Fitness Plan (I hate food restrictions or killer exercise plans...there aren't any in GON GLOW. My plan is simple, easy to apply, and effective.) -- Monthly Action Bulletin (each Monthly Action Bulletin is filled to the brim with health and wellness information, like weight loss, curbing cravings, toning up, eating strategies, tips for dining out, meal planning, hair, skin and beauty tips, and so much more. It also includes 3 easy actions to focus on each month.) -- Monthly TO DOs, Affirmations, and Motivation (To keep you inspired and to encourage you to keep going) -- My Exclusive Exercise and Fitness Videos (Anyone can follow them easily and you can adjust them to your own fitness level!) -- GON GLOW Recipes (No crazy ingredients, all delicious, and you can whip up each in no time. These are recipes I make for my family all the time!) -- Personal and Community Support (You don't have to go at it alone. I'll be here for you every step of the well as other folks just like you, via our wonderful community support group...anyone who is a GON GLOW member is invited!) -- GON GLOW in a Minute (Because having a personal coach and mentor who is THERE FOR YOU is so important, I will be providing you with insights, tips, snack ideas, fitness tips, and more, several times a week...and you'll have the opportunity to comment, add questions, and even share your own challenges and successes!) Isn’t it time for you to GLOW? For details, visit: P.S. It gets even better and brighter! Because I'm so excited about GON GLOW and I just know you will be too, when you agree to GON GLOW...within the next 7 will also AUTOMATICALLY get these valuable bonuses: BONUS 1: 50 Low-Calorie Snack Recipes BONUS 2: Small Tweaks for BIG Weight Loss BONUS 3: Get Healthy on a Budget BONUS 4: Feel Amazing Every Day BONUS 5: Exercise in Disguise Visit: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ad 2: 3 Days Left 3 DAYS LEFT... GON GLOW... The Most Complete, Easy-to-Use, and Effective Clutter-Busting Resource Available The other day, I mentioned a new resource being offered by my friend, and fitness expert, Maria Gracia. It's called GON GLOW. It’s a complete 12-Month Weight Loss and Fitness Program and it will help you Get Healthy, Lose Weight, Outshine Yourself and Wake Up Your WOW! Plus, she's giving away all sorts of goodies to my readers, but ONLY FOR THE NEXT 3 DAYS. So don't procrastinate! If you want to lose weight and get healthier, Maria can help you. As she says, fitness is her second life. GON GLOW is the perfect solution for losing that weight and getting fit. For details, visit: P.S. I highly recommend you visit TODAY. Maria is offering my subscribers all sorts of COMPLIMENTARY GOODIES...BUT ONLY UNTIL THIS PROMOTION ENDS IN THE NEXT 3 DAYS. I'm so excited for you to meet your weight and fitness goals. For more details, visit: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ad 3: Last Chance - 24 Hours Left LAST CHANCE... GON GLOW... The easiest way for you to Get Healthy, Lose Weight, Outsine Yourself and Wake Your WOW! A few days ago, I mentioned a new resource being offered by my friend, and organizing expert, Maria Gracia of Get Organized Now! It's called GON GLOW...and it will help you lose weight (a lot or a little) and get fit, once and for all. Plus, she's giving away all sorts of goodies to my readers, but ONLY FOR THE NEXT 24 HOURS. So don't procrastinate! This is a complete 12-Month Weight Loss and Fitness Program designed to make losing weight and getting fit, fun and rewarding. It will make you GLOW! Here is just one note from a reader who is raving about it: “GON GLOW is clear, easy to follow and fun. I love GON GLOW!” “You've helped me get my home organized, and now you're helping me organize my health and fitness. I'm so glad you came out with this product. I don't have time for long, difficult-to- understand medical explanations about my weight and my health. You've created this product like your other products...clear, easy to follow, fun, and with guidance along the way. I love GON GLOW!” -- Karen F., Axton, VA If you want to lose weight and get fit, Maria can help you. Don’t worry, GON GLOW isn’t about exhausting fitness workouts or eating celery and lettuce all day. Here’s what Maria has to say about that. “I wasn’t looking for a ‘diet. About 4-5 years ago I decided to lose the added weight I had accumulated through my thirties and forties, and keep it off ‘automatically’ through my daily lifestyle habits. I eventually learned what foods to eat and what kinds of activities to do to help me accomplish my fitness and weight loss goals and do it in a fun and satisfying way. “I enjoy eating and I enjoy the foods I like to eat. If I don’t like it -- I won’t eat it. So the meals I share in GON GLOW are healthy and nutritious, but they are always delicious.” For details, visit: P.S. I highly recommend you visit TODAY. Maria is offering my subscribers all sorts of COMPLIMENTARY GOODIES...BUT ONLY FOR THE NEXT 24 HOURS. I'm so excited for you to meet your weight loss and fitness goals with GON GLOW. For more details, visit:
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